2017 Conference Theme Announced!

Want progress?  Get R.E.A.L!

VAEOPP family,

Conference time is just a few short weeks away!  As we travel to Roanoke, please look for the huge star on top of the Mill Mountain as you enter the city, The Roanoke Star.

The Roanoke Star was initially created to be a seasonal Christmas decoration intended to shine over the city during the holiday shopping season. Sponsored by the Roanoke Merchants Association, it was supposed to be dismantled in 1950 after the holiday season was over. However, the star was preserved and now seen as a symbol of PROGRESS which is the theme of the 2017 VAEOPP Conference.

Let us take this conference time to get REAL with ourselves and our PROGRESS as we focus on our professional (R)elationships with students, (E)ncourage one another across the state, and find ways to be (A)ccountable all while we (L)augh together.

Thank you for investing time in yourself (and your program) to attend the 2017 VAEOPP Conference!