Professional Development

VAEOPP provides professional development to TRIO professionals through our state, regional, COE, and Drive-In Conferences, as well as ongoing mentoring to new personnel through our Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI).

Plenary and break-out sessions at VAEOPP’s Fall, Eastern, and Western Drive-In conferences are designed to help our members improve their customer service, leadership, and advocacy skills, as well as to deploy effective social media campaigns, to streamline processes, and to better serve our low income, first generation, and disabled student populations. Participants in state and regional ELI programs attend a minimum number of ELI designated break-out sessions at conference, are assigned a mentor, and complete a year long project designed to help them develop specific leadership skills of their choosing.

Along with our state associations in Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia, VAEOPP supports the Paul Spraggins’ Initiative to strengthen our regional Emerging Leaders Institute, equipping future leaders to render service to our respective associations.