Funding Increase for 2016-17

In December 2015, Congress appropriated a $60 million (or 7.2%) increase for the Federal TRIO programs, but stipulated that the allocation of the increase among the various programs lies within the authority of the Administration.  Last month, at COE’s Seminar on Relations with the Department of Education, Dr. Linda Byrd-Johnson, Senior Director of the Student Service Division, announced that (except in unusual circumstances) every TRIO program will receive a 3% increase in 2016-17 over the 2015-16 base.

Please note that the Department of Education (ED) is requiring that before you receive that increase, the institution indicate to the Department whether they will 1) increase the number of students served, or 2) intensify services.  ED is developing an online form on which you will indicate your choice, to include a drop down menu that provides options from which you can choose which service you will intensify.

In the case of Upward Bound, because a number of Upward Bound programs have June 1 start dates, GANS will most probably be mailed (with the 3% increase). However, after receiving the GANS, Upward Bound directors will be required to go into the ED form and complete it.

We expect to receive additional information from Maureen Hoyler at the MEAEOPP Conference. See you all in Gettysburg!

April Quesenberry
VAEOPP President 2015-16